My First 3D Drawing

If you didn’t know, which you may not have… I draw. Being a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, it’s what I do, not just as a career, but as a way to escape my anxiety. Though if you’re not a fan of creepy crawlies, this drawing may bring yours to the surface. I drew this one a few months ago now, and had a lot of fun bringing it to life, so I hope to attempt more complex 3D renderings in the near future!



My Mind at Night

I have insomnia. Sometimes my mind insists on keeping me awake even when my body screams for sleep, and I have no choice but to let it. Drawing helps me put things into perspective and halts the progression of my negative thoughts before they pull me deeper into the dark, bottomless pit that I dig myself.¬†This drawing¬†took several months to complete, because I worked on it only when I was feeling anxious, mostly at nighttime. Charcoal isn’t my preferred medium as I’m a perfectionist and end up covered in it, but I felt it worked best to convey the emotions I was trying to express. I’m grateful to have things I can do that silence my mind – I know that not everyone does.